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Stylish Composite Quartz for Bathrooms

Discover natural looking composite stone

Get creative in bathroom design with versatile and stylish composite quartz. Discover an alternative to natural stone with composite quartz for fashionable looking bath and wash-basin surrounds. There are a great many colours to choose from with additional features which mimic the look of natural stone, such as the veining in marble, for example. Add character and an air of sophistication to even the smallest bath or wet-room without blowing the budget, and create a space that will stand the test of time.

No-grout composite marble-effect shower walls

If there is one thing that seems to need close attention to cleaning in the home, it's a tiled shower wall. Grouting attracts bacteria which can, if left to its own devices, very quickly make it difficult to eradicate altogether. Air-borne bacteria such as Serratia Marcescens (that familiar pink stuff which looks like mould), and other pathogens, thrive in a warm, damp atmosphere and slimy soap residues. So the grouting between ceramic tiles needs to be sealed, regularly cleaned, and dried, if it is to be more affective against the effects of developing bacteria. If you are updating or planning a new wet-room or walk-in shower, then consider the benefits of using composite quartz, which is available in a huge range of natural marble and other realistic looking stone effects. No grouting is necessary, as shower panels can be made to order in any size, are virtually seem-less, and are easy to clean. Steam room wall cladding, bathroom walls and vanity tops can all be made in our workshops and fitted by our experienced team of craftsmen.

Composite is...

Crushed quartz mixed with acrylic resin, special additives and pigmentations to produce a hard-wearing sustainable alternative to natural stone work-tops. Formed under high pressure, the finished product resists staining and the effects of heat and acids. It is easy to clean and maintain as it is non-porous, making it ideal where safe hygiene practises are a priority. Composite quartz is renowned for its technical qualities and is a versatile material ideal for use almost anywhere in or around the house.

Colour qualities

Composite quartz, through the very nature of its production, will give uniform colour options and is easier to match than natural stone which, by comparison, has its own unique features.

Cut/finish options

Most of the materials shown here are available as follows:

  • polished finish
  • honed finish
  • brushed finish
  • 20mm thickness
  • 30mm thickness
  • 40mm thickness (limited availability).