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Composite Brands from GON Granite & Marble Ltd

At GON Granite & Marble, we have come to understand the importance of building trusting relationships with suppliers of stone and composite quartz. Composite stone products are a viable alternative to natural stone surface materials for your new kitchen worktops. Based in Denbighshire, North Wales, we offer the highest quality engineered stone from global market leaders at home and abroad. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, cost effective and easy to use, composite quartz has valuable attributes that come with uncompromising aesthetics and durability. It is also available in a wide range of colours which you can see by visiting our preferred suppliers below.

We are proud to be associated with the following suppliers of composite stone:


Composite Quartz for Bathrooms

Unistone® Brachot - Hermant are one of six suppliers that we use to bring you over one-hundred years of expertise in the manufacture of a high quality composite stone. Based throughout Europe, and international traders in Africa and India, we know we can depend on them for responsibly sourced materials and investment in production technology. See more about beautifully finished quartz surfaces from Unistone®.

Samsung Radianz®

Sensational Kitchen Design Features

Clarity is everything with a new kitchen worktop from Samsung Radianz®. Manufactured with 99.9% natural quartz, only the purest materials are used to create a product that is eco-friendly, durable, and suitable in a range of applications, both commercially, and in the home. Enhance your environment with composite quartz floor tiles in bath and wet rooms, feature-rich wall cladding, and food preparation surfaces. Be inspired by quartz collections at Samsung Radianz®


A Colourful Alternative to Natural Stone

Engineered stone in a palette of cool whites, natural greys and beach tones, Diresco® offers you a uniqueness of style to suit all tastes. Mechanical strength and durability to resist stains, moisture, liquid and corrosion, makes composite quartz the perfect alternative to natural stone surfaces at home and in commercial environments. For kitchens, bathrooms, vanity units and tiles, see the range of natural tones from Diresco®


This company has been manufacturing high quality composite quartz from their quarries in Turkey. "Made for Life" and in a range of soft, muted tones, and in a range of finishes, Cimstone® has a place in a range of applications within the home and commercial sector, including laboratory environments. One of many world leading brands in the field of engineered stone, they offer the same robust, maintenance free alternative to natural stone worktops for your kitchen, bar tops, washroom facilities and other features in interior design. See more about Cimstone®


Quartz Kitchen Worktops in North Wales

Not shy about the 'exclusive' nature of their products, this is one of our preferred brands in composite quartz. Of all the composite quartz products on the market, bacteriostatic quartz worktops from Silestone® are in a league of their own. Developed to inhibit the multiplication of harmful bacteria, this product offers peace of mind in the home and other high-risk applications. Find out more at Silestone®


Manufacturing in Israel and the USA, Caesarstone® has been leading the way in internationally recognised global standards in sustainable quartz surface production for over three decades. At the forefront of innovation and the promotion of ways to protect the environment within the industry, they are proud to have been the first in their field to secure ISO 14001 and ISO 14001 certification - specifically for their protection and quality management standards. For inspiration in creating an interior that is strikingly different than any other. Visualise it at Caesarstone®