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Composite Stone: Available Types and Useful Information

In order to appreciate the colour, pattern and true beauty of the material, we recommend that you see samples of the real thing before ordering. Please either call in at our workshops in North Wales, or ask for samples to be posted for a nominal fee to cover P&P. If your final order value is over £500, the cost of any samples will be reimbursed. Composite is more consistent in colour and graining than natural stone and may only differ very slightly from batch to batch.

Quartz Options (click to enlarge):

Composite is...

Composite is manufactured by mixing natural stone (e.g. quartz and granite) with binding material (synthetic resin), pigments and additives in a minimal percentage. Colours range from soft natural hues through to bright and modern colours to suit all tastes. Composite is easy to clean, resistant to acids and less porous than natural stone.

Cut/finish options

These materials are available in:

  • Polished finish
  • Satin Finish ( Limited colours available)
  • Suede/Brushed Finish
  • 20mm thickness
  • 30mm thickness
  • 12mm tiles

Composite samples

To see the most up to date colours available from our suppliers of high quality composite stone, please click the button below.

Latest Composite Colours