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How to make the best use of solid stone offcuts

Posted by GON Granite & Marble Ltd on 01 March 2018 at 4:53pm

What is a stone off-cut?

Our solid stone granite and marble slabs are sourced to fulfil a wide variety of jobs, both for the commercial and domestic markets. Most of these slabs are selected with a view to minimising the amount of waste stone once they have been cut to size for any given project. Inevitably, there will be pieces of stone left over, some of which offer the potential for being turned into something really useful. These smaller pieces of granite, or ’off-cuts’, come in as wide a variety as the original slabs from which they are derived. It follows that each off-cut of solid stone, or composite quartz, is the same high quality product you’d expect from us. The natural features of marble and other stones are, of course, unique; and can certainly be used to enhance a particular detail in garden design, such as a water fountain, or a tiled floor in a hallway or kitchen.

Natural and composite stone off-cuts

Solid stone and quartz off-cuts can be put to good use in many ways. Bread slicing boards and pastry rolling boards are popular, as are stylish looking food service platters, particularly for Al-fresco dining. Available in soft pinks, gleaming whites and silvery greys, marble off-cuts can be applied in more practical areas such as vanity units in bathrooms, and hearths, mantle pieces and fire surrounds. Granite off-cuts can also add real interest to home DIY projects, or create focal points in a particular room. Natural stone often has striking natural features in a range of colours; from cosmic black, through a spectrum of golds, browns, reds, and even blues and greens. Use these pieces to create a visual break at door thresholds and in floor tiling, for example, or have them crafted to make window sills; small kitchen worktops; and shelving. Larger off-cuts of quartz composite and solid stone are useful for refurbishing occasional use and coffee table tops, hall consoles, and can give character to other types of flat-top furniture such as breakfast bars.

Using solid stone off-cuts out doors

Our off-cuts come in a range of sizes in natural granite, marble, and composite quartz; all of which can be considered for use outdoors. Clad door steps; use as floor tiling in porches; or as stepping stones incorporated into garden design, small pools and other water features. Similarly, smaller, carefully chosen pieces of natural stone can enhance the front entrance of your home when engraved with the house name or number.

Buying solid stone, granite and marble off-cuts

All our off-cuts are available for sale, and are sold-as-seen. However, should you find a piece from our selection that is just the job for your project, but you’d like it cutting to size and polishing, our standard templating and finishing charges will apply for this service. Call into our showroom and ask any member of our friendly and informed staff to see our wide choice off-cuts, all of which are stored upright, and in a way that makes them easy to see and compare.

Up-cycle an old sewing machine table

This was a fun project for our client, whereby an old sewing machine table was rescued from certain destruction due to its age and general poor condition. It had loyally served as it was originally intended to, before being pressed into service as a dressing table. Having had its cast metal frame spray painted with an aerosol and given a new, simple wooden top in the past, it was once again starting to have its aesthetic merit and usefulness called into question.

Stripping old paint and powder coating the metal table frame

After removing the old wooden top, stripping off old paint and powder coating the frame anew was the next job, and one our client deemed to be a professional one. The frame was dismantled and sent off to be treated. Stripped of every bit of old paint and other impurities, cleaned and then powder coated in two coats of matt black paint, the table frame came back looking fantastic. Bolt threads on connecting parts and nuts had also been recut; a real bonus, and testimony to the degree of care taken with this project.

Choosing a granite off-cut

We have a range of solid, natural stone off-cuts from some of the finest stone slabs in the world, all have unique features and colour ways. Some are more exquisite than others, but there is plenty to choose from. Think about what the off-cut is to be used for and how it will fit into the wider design ideas that you have. Are you looking for a statement piece or something more subtle, either way, we can help you choose the right piece for any given project.

Our client chose an off-cut of granite to serve as the new table top which was cut to measure 40cm x 90cm from a piece 3cm thick. Once cut, the stone was then polished and given slight bevelled edges, further enhancing its striking natural features.

Fixing a piece of solid stone to a metal table frame

Fixing stone off-cuts to a metal table frame is relatively straightforward and is something we can do for you. If you do not feel confident or able to lift and manoeuvre your chosen off-cut, we are happy to help where we can.

We used standard silicone sealant to put together the granite top and re-assembled table frame, which was then left for 24hrs to ensure solid adhesion. The result is a stunning piece of occasional furniture that will give lasting pleasure whilst creating a focus point to be proud of. Projects like these are cost effective and make efficient use of beautiful, natural stone off-cuts.

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